Skalk the African Wild Dog
is an African Wild Dog and minor supporting character in Skunk Meets Khumba. After Khumba leaves to find the legendary "Magic Waterhole" he meets Skalk who's wondering around the outside of the fence where his herd lives. After getting a glimpse of Khumba's waterhole he come sup with the idea of getting some of it for him and his pack, by telling Khumba that he has this miracle elixir that'll give him more stripes. They soon come upon Mama V and Bradley in the territory where Skalk's pack appeared and attacked them. Skalk tried to explain Khumba wasn't food, but since his pack would't listen he just went along. Pretty soon Skunk and his team appear and help fend of the pack and Skalk ends up getting kicked out of sight by Mama V. Later that night Phango the leopard shows up, scared by him Skalk's pack runs off and abandons him. Phango then makes Skalk spill the beans about Khumba's whereabouts and goes off to find him. Later on Skalk befriends a crazy sheep named Nora and they both join Khumba's herd and several other animals as they migrate to a new life. Once they reach the magic waterhole, which is also Phango's lair he and the other animals watch as Khumba fends off Phango, just before he falls to his death. Khumba is then thought to be dead but soon comes back to life and Skalk and everyone else rejoices and the film ends with everyone playing Tumbleweed Ball around their new home.

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