Red Claw

Gender Male
Status Alive
Color Gray w/ tan-cream underbelly and a dark brown stripe.
Eye color Red (left), Yellow (right)
Species Tyrannosaurus[1]
Food Meat
Voice actor Pete Sepenuk
First appearance "The Cave of Many Voices"
Last appearance "Return to Hanging Rock"
And Red Claw is the biggest and meanest Sharptooth of them all!

Red Claw, voiced by Pete Sepenuk, is the main antagonist in the TV series. He is a Tyrannosaurus,[1] which means he is a "Sharptooth."

Red Claw serves as the main antagonist in the TV series. He is identifiable by the long red scar extending from his left eye down to the side of his body and arm to his claw. Sometimes, he is known for a dorsal ridge on his back which he occasionally possesses.

He has two Utahraptor minions named Screech and Thud, whose species are nicknamed "Fast Biters." They are the secondary antagonists of the show. According to Chomper and Ruby, Red Claw is the biggest and meanest Sharptooth of all time.

Identity Edit

Many fans believe that Red Claw could be a relative of Sharptooth, the villain of the first film. Some even say he may be the original sharptooth himself, or one of the many Tyrannosaurus that were defeated by Littlefoot and his friends throughout the film series, or even the original sharptooth's brother. His injured claw, which gives him his name, supports this theory, as many of the T. rex defeated by the Gang fell off a cliff, making such an injury very likely assuming survival.

There is some evidence supporting this claim, as both Red Claw and the original sharptooth both have injured eyes and are especially feared for their kind. And as mentioned above, if he really is the original Sharptooth, Red Claw may have gotten his namesake feature when Littlefoot and his friends pushed a boulder on him in the first movie.

Red Claw and his minions are also noted for separating Chomper and Ruby from their families, similarly to how the original Sharptooth orphaned Littlefoot. Red Claw's right eye may be a result of the thorn striking it (as thorns can be poisonous), and if he also was the Meanest Sharptooth, his scar may have been from falling off a cliff in Secret of the Saurus Rock.

This is unlikely however, because the original Sharptooth sank into the deep end of the pond that Littlefoot and his friends pushed him into during the first film. Because he was most likely unconscious, he could not have swam to the surface; also in The Land Before Time Universe, sharpteeth aren't considered to be good swimmers, let alone the tyrannosaurids. There is also the issue between both characters having starkly different coloration (in both body coating and eyes). Nothing is known about the original Sharptooth's history other than during the events of the film and in the book, and has no evidence to assume he had any relatives, but if Sharptooth did have any siblings, they would be of the color scheme as him (this being proven by the conclusion of Cera, Duckyand Petrie all sharing color schemes with their siblings).

It is much more likely, though, that Red Claw might instead be the Sharptooth from The Land Before Time VIII: The Big Freeze, who fell over a cliff after being hit by a log thrown by Mr. Thicknose. It might have survived, but may have been injured from one of the log's sharp branch stumps during the fall. It might mean that he is now looking for revenge. This Sharptooth is also of more comparable coloring to Red Claw. The coloring is not exactly the same in the winter, but it may be the same outside the winter, as other characters in the movie have different colors in the winter than the other seasons. However, this would mean that the sharptooth from the opening narration would have to be a different individual, as it appears in a lush area with no snow and has the same coloring as the sharptooth later in the film.