is lovable elephant and the main protagonist in Skunk's Adventures of Horton Hears a Who. While he was soaking in a river he heard a small sound coming from a floating speck of dust. At first Skunk and his friends weren't sure what to think, until Rabbit heard it himself (due to HIS long ears). As it turned out it there was a person; a man named Dr. H. Whovy, who lived in small city of little people called Who's, but no one else believes them especially the sour Jane Kangaroo and her joey. Pretty soon she enlists the help of of a group of monkeys called "The Whikershams" who take to speck to a black bottomed eagle who drops it in the middle of a field of clover. After searching the entire field Horton and friends soon find the clover, but are soon confronted by the kangaroo and Whickershams who rope down Horton and friends and cage him and plan to boil the speck in a pot of Beaselnut oil. But Horton does not give up and convinces the Who's to be as loud as they can and thanks to a small child named Jojo all the voices come bursting out and everyone believes Horton as they celebrate.

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